Tips to Keep Refrigerator Running Like New

How to keep any refrigerator properly maintained to prevent breakdown. With a few tweaks and tips, you can learn how to use your refrigerator to its optimum and lower your electricity bills. The below information will help you to keep your fridge running for many more years to come. #whirlpool refrigerator ice and water filter […]

Drinking Clean Water is a necessity

Bad water has brought about individuals getting contaminated with various types of illnesses. Water contaminations can be extreme to such an extent that individuals pass on consistently from devouring tainted water. The significance of having clean drinking water can’t be overestimated and is in reality exceptionally important. The icebox is one of the spots where […]

Why to choose Bluaqua Water Filter

Whenever you’re shopping for a new refrigerator water filter, purchasing a high-quality one is a safe, easy option. If you’re looking for a more affordable filter, then you may want to purchase an alternative filter compatible with your refrigerator style. @everydrop filter 1 alternative  @whirlpool refrigerator water filter edr1rxd1 @whirlpool water filter w10413645a @ refrigerator […]

Making Lemonade Juice at Home

1) Homemade Fresh Strawberry Lemonade ●Ingredients 1cup freshly squeezed lemon juice 6-7 lemons 1cup freshly squeezed lime juice 5-6 limes 24oz strawberries 2cups sugar 1Tbsp lemon juice 2tsp vanilla 1gallon cold filtered water Optional: 1 lemon and 1 lime for garnish ———————————————————— ●How to do: The more strawberries you use the more vibrant your lemonade will […]

The Reasons to Drink Filtered Water

Water is the most advantageous asset we have and is critical to our well-being. Taking into account that announcement, we should inquiry the supply of our water. We need think filtering your water is that the most ideal approach to expending your water. Better water Indeed, there square measure state and government manages on civil […]

Think Green when you Clean

We all want to do our part in ensuring our environment stays as safe and healthy as possible. Many people don’t stop to think how their household cleaners can affect the environment, and how toxic they can make the immediate environment of your home. With some careful forethought, planning and effort, your home can be […]

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