How to Drink More Water Every Day?

Water is the best thing you can put in your body. It protects your brain, lubricates your joints, regulates your body temperature, and removes waste from your body. Many of us may ignore these important facts throughout the day. Here are some great ways to help yourself drink more water every day.  #everydrop water filter edr1rxd2

what does water do for the human body?

1.prevents loss of memory as you age

2.dehydration taxes the heart by causing it to pump faster to get sufficient oxygen to your muscles

3.water is essential for the body to sweat and release toxins

4.cleanses toxic waste from various parts of the body and carries it to the liver and kidneys for removal

5.lubricates joints and lessens discomfort from arthritis or back pain

6.slows down the aging process and makes skin smooth

7.lessens addictive urges,including caffeine,alcohol and certain drugs

8.water allows for efficient cell repair

9.allows red blood cells to carry oxygen more efficientky,resulting in better muscular function and increased mental acuity

10.without the flow of water,there’s insufficient water to remove waste and toxins through your stool


Invest in a filter: Better Filtered = Better Taste

A refrigerator filter can remove sediment and minerals, especially chlorine smells, which makes your refrigerator filtered water taste even better than expensive bottled water. Here are some tips for drinking more filtered water every day: #everydrop whirlpool filter
●Make sure your filter is replaced every six months
●Make sparkling water and homemade drinks
●Take clean water On-the-Go


Add Flavor to Your Pitcher: More Flavors = More Glassfuls

Flavor-Infused Water Infusing water with the essence of fruits, herbs, and other botanicals can help you drink plenty of liquids without the downside of excess calories, sugars, and artificial flavorings. There are many easy combinations for natural detoxification that are good for fat-burning, digestion and relieving headaches. #top rated water filters

Top 10 Ideas for Infused Water:
■Strawberries + kiwi + cucumber
■Orange + lemon + lime
■Raspberries + lemon + mint
■Cucumber + lime + strawberry + mint
■Lemon + raspberry + rosemary
■Orange + blueberry + basil
■Lime + ginger root + basil
■Watermelon + pineapple + coconut
■Cucumber + mint + jalape
■Grape + raspberry + pineapple


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